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The diverse climate and geography in Oregon allows our state to grow more than 220 different agricultural commodities. This diversity provides numerous career opportunities in various sectors within the agricultural industry. Encourage students to explore different careers in agriculture by reading through this publication featuring careers in plant sciences, animal and food systems and agribusiness and communications.

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This fun descriptive book touches on many of the STEM careers that women hold within the U.S. Throughout this book the USGS points out the many facets of research carried out by USGS STEM scientists in an effort to show career options and pathways not typically pursued. The women portrayed were selected by USGS associate and regional directors as representative of particular fields and to inspire future generations. This book needs to be returned. 

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America at Work: Fishing

Ann Love, Jane Drake, Pat Cupples

Part of the America at Work series, Fishing explains how fish farmers in Maine raise salmon and halibut, and traces the fascinating life journey of a wild salmon in Alaska. Combining fact and fiction with colorful illustrations, this book delivers an early lesson in appreciating and protecting our natural resources. Fishing introduces young children to the people, machines and environmental concerns involved in some of America’s leading resource-based industries.

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The Beeman is a sweet story of a boy and his grandfather who is a beekeeper. The story teaches students about the amazing  and complex life of bees, how they help pollinate plants, and how honey is collected by beekeepers for us to eat. This kit allows students to “become” bees and pollinate different Oregon crops. Click here for the lesson plan. Please check out the book separately.

Please put the number of students in your class in the quantity section at checkout to ensure the correct number of supplies gets to you.


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Careers in Conservation

United States Department of Agriculture

This brochure engages readers in the foundation and mission of Natural Resources Conservation Services as well as career opportunities and how to get involved.

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Cattle Kids

Cal Urbigkit

Beautiful, full-color photography illustrates this exciting portrayal of young people helping adults look after cattle, from calving and branding to haying, grazing and rounding up the herd.

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Connecting to Agriculture

Illinios Farm Bureau

Animation, fun facts and farmers tell the story of agriculture and how it relates to economics, science and business. Interwoven through the commodity stories of corn, cotton, apples, dairy and soybeans are important concepts such as: biodegradable properties, renewable resources, biotechnology, foreign trade, pest management, conservation practices and food quality. Length: 16:31 minutes.

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Wheat Scramble

Seed Survivor by Agrium

Help students learn about the stages of wheat harvest through this fun picture scramble game. The kit includes two sets of pictures that highlight the process of growing and harvesting wheat. This kit pairs well with the book Wheat- A True Book, along with a set of wheat heads. Please check out the book and wheat heads separately. This kit needs to be returned. 

Grandpa's Orchard, Based on a True Story of an Oregon Family Farm

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Grandpa’s Orchard

Darcy Thomas Kirk

Every year on the hazelnut farm, magic happens. It’s a place where stories, music, good food, family, and friends come together year round- but as summer comes to an end, things begin to change. On this working farm, the boys watch Dad and Grandpa do the tasks that need to be done as they head to the arbor to play, climb trees, and dream up new adventures.

“A fun portrayal of a multi-generational farming and farm life told from a youngster’s perspective. Grandpa’s passion for farming and desire to pass on the tradition is genuine and heartfelt.” -TJ Hafner, third-generation family farmer and agronomist.

Darcy Thomas Kirk lives in Independence, Oregon with her twin sons and her husband, Lance. They farm on a third-generation hazelnut farm. She attended Oregon State University and worked for Oregon Agriculture in the Classroom, aligning agriculture projects with state educational standards for seven years.

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World Farming

Martin Bramwell

An innovative, in-depth look at important topics in physical geography. Full color diagrams, illustrations and photographs. Provide a global view of each subject, along with hands-on activities for real science experience.