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Science in Your Shopping Cart

USDA Agriculture Research Service

Who finally broke the great San Francisco sourdough bread mystery? Helped make frozen concentrated orange juice tasty? Bred a better chili pepper and improved the taste of tortillas? Improved dairy cows and beef cattle, turkeys, and chickens? You knew it all the time; it’s the Agricultural Research Service! This illustrated booklet tells the ongoing story of ARS contributions to the abundance, variety, convenience, and healthfulness of the contents of American shopping carts.

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This guide explores using worms to transform food waste into a nutrient-rich finished product called vermicompost.

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In this publication, we will help you understand how you can best plant and tend to trees in your woods to ensure that they remain healthy and productive.

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This publication is a colorful, illustrated booklet that gives the basics of Oregon forests including the common forest types like Douglas-fir and juniper woodlands, wildlife, ownership and management practices, laws, salmon protection, fire risks, wood processing and uses, and careers.

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Dairy Cows Send Their Best

Oregon Dairy Products Commission

Milk is a nutritional powerhouse packed with calcium and other essential nutrient’s that fuel your body and strengthen your bones. Order from our website and we will send you a class set to keep!

Please put the number of students in your class in the quantity section at checkout to ensure the correct number of supplies gets to you.

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Find Your Path

Oregon Forest Resources Institute

From the forest springs a huge collection of industries that account for one out of 20 Oregon jobs. This publication looks at the wide range of employment opportunities available in Oregon’s forest sector.

High Yield Grass Seed Production and Water Quality Protection Handbook

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This handbook was created by scientists and farmers to promote the Oregon grass seed industry, and view the sustainability practices that are being taken on by farmers all across the Willamette Valley.

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Bringing Biotechnology to Life Teacher’s Guide

American Farm Bureau Foundation for Agriculture

This teacher’s guide accompanies the Bringing Biotechnology to Life DVD. This guide if full of activities to help students understand biotechnology.

US Wheat

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US Wheat

Oregon Wheat Commission

This tri-fold shows students where the six different types of wheat in the United States is grown, and what they are used for. It also describes how wheat is shipped all over the world.

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Explore the Forest

Oregon Forest Resources Institue

Oregon Forest Resources Institute created this 24-page, full-color publication especially for 3rd and 4th grade students. It provides a grade-appropriate overview of Oregon forests, including forest ecology, tree biology, forest management and forest careers. It explores how we as a society need to balance economic, ecological and social values. Illustrations, puzzles and activities engage student interest.